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The idea isn’t a new one, but the topic of video games potentially helping folks with dyslexia is in the news again. (Here’s the NPR article that was shared with me.)

It mentions that scientists believe the problems with dyslexia have something to do with the neural connections between the eyes and the back of the brain. I’d rather do some more research before going with just ’cause’, personally.

However, I can see how some video games might help with focus and reaction time issues some of us have.

The idea has been around since at least last year, and probably longer, but it is interesting how it’s stuck around.

I am tempted to experiment with the theory for myself.

Despite the volume of reading and writing I do on a daily basis, I still have problems on a fairly regular basis. It would be interesting to see if getting into game play would help me improve processing and attention.

Of course, this would be strictly anecdotal, but it might be interesting to see what happens.

The question is, which game should I start with?

Screenshop from this quality game.

Somehow, I don’t think QWOP is quite what they had in mind.

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