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There’s a phrase I’ve come across time to time that goes something like, “He’s sixes and nines.” After a quick search, I found that it’s a British slang term for confused or in chaos. To my dyslexic brain, that makes a lot of sense.

Sixes and nines tend to look the same to me when I’m distracted, tired or my dyslexia’s been triggered. Part of my problem with math is in how I confuse letters or just flat out see them wrong. For a while, my brain automatically dismissed 0 every time I saw one, because zero translates to nothing for me.

If I were to be reassessed, I wouldn’t be surprised if I got diagnosed with discalclulia, too.

Anyway, back to sixes and nines.

In addition to blogging and assorted writing projects, I also dabble in assorted crafts. Recently, I’ve figured out how to make little crochet dollies. There are special eyes that you can buy, called safety eyes. Since I’d used up the majority of my stock, I decided to order more, since I have a few more dolls in mind.

The size I wanted was 6 mm. So, I found a listing from the company I had gotten my first package from and ordered.

It wasn’t until I got them that I discovered I had ordered the 9 mm instead of the 6 mm.

The blue eye is 6 mm. The purple one is 9 mm.


It’s not a huge deal, though. I will use the bigger ones, too, since I’m experimenting with larger dolls as well, but it’s still a little on the frustrating side. I’ve also ordered more 6 mm, and triple checked before finalizing the request.

Of course, I giggle to myself every time I order new eyes. “Well, my eyesight isn’t what it used to be, so if I get more eyes, will it improve?”

That’s probably funnier in my head.

If you’d like to see a couple of examples of what I’ve figured out how to make, I’d posted a couple of them on my other blog, here.

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