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Netflix is great, even if they don’t send the movie cases.

I finally had the chance to watch the biographical movie, Temple Grandin last night.

Released in 2010 and staring Claire Danes, this film does a fantastic job of telling the story of how a young autistic girl overcame societal misconceptions and sexism to become a highly accomplished animal behaviorist.

Claire Danes does an amazing job of depicting Temple’s mannerisms and the film itself does one of the best jobs I’ve seen of showing how auditory integration disorder and visual perception problems feel.

There was a scene early on when the lady playing Temple’s aunt was writing with a magic marker. The film makers amplified the sound of the marker enough to make my husband grab for the remote, and comment, “Ok, that’ll get annoying fast.”

I told him, “Welcome to my world,” because that’s often how that sound sounds to me, too.

They did the same thing to various every day tasks throughout the film as well, including one scene where dishes were being washed. They amplified the sound of rushing water and of the silverware rustling perfectly.

Anyway, I hope those without SPD take note of how jarring the film depicted it as, because that’s how jarring it is.

Another thing I’m extremely impressed with is the masterful way in which they showed Temple’s thought process. She’s a highly visual thinker, and the way they cut away from the outer world to her inner world did an amazing job of showing how she came up with solutions to problems.

Although the primary focus was on Temple, there was quite a bit about her support system involved, too. The distress in the people around her was addressed, as was the teasing, but the support given and positive changes in other’s behaviors was highlighted.

While things like bullying and judgementalism must be addressed, positive reinforcement must also be demonstrated. Each person in power that Temple influenced learned a lot more from her than they may realize.

This was an absolutely wonderful movie, and I highly suggest watching it.

However, I do want to warn you that there are some depictions of inhumane treatment of animals and death. There are only a few scenes, and I’m sure no animals were actually harmed for the film, it’s still disturbing to see how cruelly cattle were, in some cases still are, treated in the yards.

It’s currently available on DVD from Netflix, but you can also find it on Amazon, and you may be able to find it in stores, too.

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