Homeadults with learning disabilitiesDrua? Is that like Drow? I don’t even play that game.

As some of you already know, in addition to writing, I sell things I make over on Storenvy and Ebay as well as do commissions once in a while. Not long ago, an order came through, and when I tried printing out the packing slip, I discovered our 15 year old printer was out of ink.

This printer has worked wonderfully, and the last few times we’ve needed to get a new cartridge, the stores have had it. That wasn’t the case this time.

After soothing our frustration with a quick trip to the toy isle for a look at the available TMNT offerings, my husband and I wandered on over to another store to find a new printer.

As we were looking at printers, I pointed and exclaimed in mock excitement, “Hey, this even as druaprint!” I paused. “Drowprint? Wait…”

My ever patient husband shook his head. “Duraprint. It has Duraprint.”

I heaved a sigh and threw my hands in the air. “As if English wasn’t hard enough, these companies make it harder by creating words to sell their stuff!”

We still got the printer, since it was nifty and has a built in scanner. Unfortunately, try as I might, I still can’t print a Drow or any other elf on it.

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