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Like dyslexia, autism is usually treated as a problem in need of a solution, instead of a unique type of neurology wich predisposes those with it to certain gifts and talents.

Although not every person on the spectrum posses all of these gifts, they are generally more prevalent within the autism community than in the neurotypical one.

Since I’m not on the spectrum, I thought I’d compile some videos and links in which folks who are some of their talents or discuss their neurological makeup.

This lady lists 10 of her favorite things about having autism.

She also rocks that t-shirt. (We’re both X-Men fans, apparently.)

This young man turned the hyper-focus associated with autism into some absolutely beautiful pieces of art. He has a fantastic message at the end, too.

Amanda Baggs, a nonverbal autism activist, wrote this about alternatives to institutions for adults with autism and why the overall attitude about autism must change. While this video isn’t exactly joyful, it does showcase the wonderful intelligence and determination hidden by the communication barriers language disorders put in place.

I rather enjoy her videos, too. You can find them on her youtube channel, silentmiaow.

You can also find her blog here. It’s not strictly about autism, but her entries do demonstrate how the perceptions of the medical professionals she works with for other illnesses/disabilities affect the care she receives. Interesting, eye opening stuff.

If anyone has suggestions for videos about autism positivity and activism, please feel free to share! I’ve also found a few links to social networking pages that focus on the positive side of the spectrum.

Thoughts of An Introverted Matriarch – This mom is on the spectrum, and she writes about the positivity her two boys, also on the spectrum, bring into her life.
The Autism Positivity Project – I think this may have been a year long project for 2013, since it’s relatively inactive at the moment, but it does have a lot of great stuff posted.
The Purple Tree – This is a collection of poems by an author who is nonverbal and autistic. You can find a couple of samples of her work here. (I’m actually designating this book as a reward for myself if I complete all of my monthly goals by February 28th.)

Again, if anyone has any autism positivity resources to share, please let me know! I might do a follow up entry with more resources in the future.

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