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If you happen to be in San Fransisco on March 23rd, check out A Celebration of Dyslexia! It’s being hosted by The Dyslexic Advantage, it’s free and speakers include Jack Horner (the first person to discover what a dinosaur fetus looks like and consulted on the Jurrassic Park movies) and special effects pro Valerie Delahaye.

Since I’ll still be in Minnesota at that point, I won’t be able to go, but it sounds like it’d be a fantastic event to attend.

However, there are some other events that you can take part in online.

If you happen to enjoy video games, and have an interest in creating them yourself, check out the Dyslexic Gamemakers group, also run by Dyslexic Advantage. You can join it for free, but to participate in the competition, it costs $10 per month, or a total of $50.

If you’re a member of Learning Ally, check out these upcoming webinars. Membership to Learning Ally is $49 per quarter, but you get audio books, parental support and other services for that fee.

Speak Up For Dyslexia National Letter Writing Campaign has all of its slots filled up until June, but it’s worth looking into. This program is geared towards creating focused, professional letters to send to officials prompting them to take action in bettering the educational experiences of dyslexics in the US.

Remember, you can write letters to your representatives all year ’round, too.

Upcoming workshops through PACER listed here. I just discovered this page, but if you’re in the Minneapolis, MN area, check out these events! There’s also at least one that will provide live web streaming for those who can’t make it.

This isn’t really an event, but if you haven’t seen The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia yet, a more affordable version for home viewing is available here.

If you have any upcoming events or fundraisers, please leave the info in a comment, and I’ll check it out!

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