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Logos can be tough for dyslexics. Well, actually, I think some are tough for everyone.

Just look at Disney’s. Unless you were already familiar with the handwriting it’s based off of, you’d think it said “Gisnep”.

Some logos are just hard on dyslexic brains, though.

My husband and I watched a documentary on the pink ribbon campaign not long ago, and one of the people interviewed was wearing a bright pink lanyard with the name of a famous footwear company printed in white. He was talking about a serious topic in relation to fund raising, but I couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying because I was so distracted by trying to read the word.

Suddenly, I got it and blurted, “REEBOK!” At that point, I started giggling uncontrollably, because my husband was giving me his patented ‘you just grew another head’ look.

“Sorry, sorry,” I managed after a few moments. “I couldn’t read that brand name right for the longest time. I kept thinking it said ‘rebook’, and couldn’t figure out what it meant.”

At that point, my hubby joined in with the laughter. “What do you do when you don’t agree with an argument? You rebook it!”

Honestly, between rebook and padidamas, we might have the beginnings of a great new language.

I think I’ll call it Dyslexese.

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