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We’ve had the same microwave for the past 14 years. It still works perfectly, and although it’s not the

This isn’t that hard to figure out, is it?

highest tech piece of kitchen equipment, it services its purpose.

You’d think that I’d know how to use it, by now.
Apparently not.
Since there are only two of us in our household, we end up eating a lot of leftovers. Neither of us minds, since we’d rather make a fair amount of food for a meal, then just reheat it until it’s gone. No big deal.
Earlier this week, I was attempting to do just that while chatting with my hubby.
I hit 3, then 5, and then START.
It didn’t start.
Why didn’t it start?
Start is supposed to, I don’t know, START the heating process, right?
Ok, let’s try this again.
The 3 button beeps. The 5 button beeps.
Still nothing.
It’s then that I notice the number on the display is getting lower with each second.
What did I do?
Apparently, I’d hit the Timer/Clock button both times. I can comfortably say that I’ve never used that feature on purpose before.
I guess I should just be glad I didn’t enter 53 instead of 35, huh? Granted, that’s happened before, but at least that didn’t confuse me as much as that silly Timer/Clock button did.

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