HomedyslexiaIn Which Asthma Messes With Dyslexia

When I was about 12 years old, I was diagnosed with asthma. Sure, it was very scary at first, but 20-mumble years later, I have it under pretty decent control. The way I’ve chosen to do that is through lifestyle choices in addition to a rescue inhaler. The few times I’ve needed maintenance meds, I’ve had horrible side effects. That’s why I choose to look at them as a last resort.

Anyway, this week, we’ve started remodeling our basement. So much for the trigger management system I was doing.

I noticed a long time ago that health problems have a very profound effect on dyslexia. Word recall is worse, reading is exceedingly difficult and communication in general just doesn’t work.

Of course, I did find a few of my screw ups entertaining.

Today, for example, we had to run to the local hardware store to pick up a few parts to fix the plumbing leading to the water heater. After we found the parts, we wandered the lighting section.

My husband paused in front of a display of ceiling mounted lights, and commented with some sarcasm, “Aww, aren’t these cute?”

Watch out for crystal bulbs.

“Yeah,” I replied, “They’re just like reverse crystal bulbs.”

“…bulbs?” He smirked.

“Um. Balls. Crystal balls. What? We’re in the lighting department! There are bulbs here!”

Hey, the two words start with “B” and everything!

That’s just the latest of mistakes.

My husband and I had gone to the bank earlier in the week. As we were filling out the deposit slip, I couldn’t figure out why “Counter Deposit” was printed on the top.

What was it countering? Should that only be used when there’s a withdrawal taking place, too? Or is there some sort of ongoing deposit war I’m unaware of? Immediately, I thought of Gringott’s Bank from Harry Potter, and envisioned the nice, clean cut tellers going up against the goblins running the fictional bank.

After a few moments of staring into space, it dawned on me that “Counter Deposit” referred to making a deposit at the counter where the tellers sit. At least I resisted voicing my confusion before the dots finally connected.

There were others, of course, but they weren’t quite as entertaining. We’ve also picked up a great air purifier, so I’m breathing far more easily, now. Hopefully, the increased oxygen to the brain will decrease the annoying mistakes I’ve been making.

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