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I’ve been a little on the discouraged side, lately. Between someone in the media who I had once respected deciding the dyslexic community is ok to make fun of and other frustrations in my life, it’s time I find something to help me boost my mood.

Let’s see what youtube has to offer.

This one is hard to listen to in the beginning, because Scott was so violently treated as a child by his teachers and other students, plus his father abused his mom. He tells the story of how he found his unique learning style, and how that insight helped him achieve things few others have.

This is a great video emphasizing how important it is to look past labels and how harmful it is to only concentrate on a person’s limitations.

I think that last point is part of what bothers me the most about dyslexia jokes. They highlight a weakness dyslexics are made aware of every single day, especially when they’re trying to get a hang of reading, while encouraging the stigma of being less intelligent.

This video put together by Headstrong Nation is one of my favorites, because it does provide a very good cross section of various experiences with dyslexia and ADHD in a real world setting.

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