HomedyslexiaNot All Corrections are Correct
This week, I decided to get screen shots of some of the amusing fixes or errors I made while writing.
I probably should have chosen a different week to do this, though, since a chunk of my time was taken with clearing snow, finishing holiday related things and housework. I also should have kept a camera handy to catch all the errors I made while trying to hand-write things for gifts.
Writing things out by hand really is much harder than just typing them out. I know for sure that I spelled “exhale” incorrectly, had issues with making letters recognizable, keeping my capitalization straight, and at one point, I even spelled my own name wrong.
Fortunately, everyone who’s getting anything handwritten from me already knows I’m dyslexic and hopefully gets amusement out of the jokes I was able to crack about the ones I didn’t bother rewriting.
Anyway, although spell check is an amazing thing, sometimes its guesses are a bit off.
 Spell check actually got it right in the first selection, but I was still pretty entertained at the suggestion of “accusable”. I’m not sure what I’d accuse the US based groups of, but I’m sure it’s pretty serious.

I don’t quite understand why, but spell check doesn’t seem to like words ending in “ing”. “Visual process sing disorder” makes me think of hallucinations, and “visual possessing disorder” reminds me of The Exorcist. I’m sure both of those things would be interesting, but they certainly weren’t what I meant.

 Of course, spell check wouldn’t catch this type of error, which is why I try to proof read a peice at least twice before posting it. Using the wrong word, like wear instead of where, is a common  mistake.

In this case, I got the mental image of myself wearing a Minnesota state shaped costume and standing in a snow bank. Well, that’s a mildly disturbing picture.

In any case, I’ll end with this meme which describes what happens every time I actually manage to spell a complicated word correctly the first time.

Found on Grammarly’s tumblr.

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