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Despite being dyslexic, or maybe because of the associated word recall problems, I prefer communicating via more text based options. Generally, it gives me time to think of the right words, there’s less stress to come up with something quickly and I don’t end up shuffling to the background,  due to an inability to keep up with the flow of conversation.

Part of why I have such problems with spoken conversations is because of my issues with auditory processing. I can hear a person when they’re talking, but if they have a deep voice, or if there’s too much background noise, I can’t understand what they’re saying. Eventually, it gets embarrassing to keep asking them to repeat themselves, and I end up making a guess at what they’re trying to get across.

My husband figured this problem out a while ago and understands when I have issues. He also has just as much of a mischievous streak as I do, so he’s used it to his advantage before. Don’t worry, I get him back in other ways.

Anyway, amusing genuine mistakes do happen, too.

Earlier this week, we decided to finally turn in the aluminum cans piled up in the garage that we keep forgetting to take to the recycling place in exchange for a few extra dollars.

He hadn’t been to the center in a few years, and I’d never been there, so when we got to the area, we had to turn around a couple of times. There wasn’t a lot of traffic, but the radio was going, so conversation was challenging.

He said something about a chunk of gravy, as we pulled off the road to turn around.

I paused, then stared at him. He doesn’t even like gravy. “We’re looking for gravy?”

“Gravy?” He pulled back onto the road to find our missed turn. “What does gravy have to do with anything?”

“I don’t know. You just said something about looking for a chunk of gravy.”

He was quiet for a moment, before shaking his head. “No, I said ‘These cans will probably be heavy’!”

I suppose that made more sense.

And yes, they were. We ended up turning 75 pounds of aluminum for forty or fifty dollars that day.

Maybe we should have saved that cash to invest in an ear trumpet or something.

Wonder if one of these would help. Probably not, but it’d sure be a conversation starter.
By Frederick Dekkers [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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