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Today ended up being quite a bit busier than I thought it would be. Between finishing off my holiday check-list, a lengthy conversation with one of my sisters and a mad-cap dash to the grocery store, I didn’t manage to give this blog nearly the attention that I had wanted.

Now that it’s rather late, I figure I’ll go light on the writing, and heavy on the art. Check out the selected works below!

This is actually a pretty accurate portrayal of how text sometimes looks to me when I’m tired, stressed or burned out on reading. Lovely image, too.
Another great concept. I look at this and get reminded of just how small you feel when facing the challenges dyslexia can present.
I find this one empowering on a personal level, because I absolutely love typography. I’m gradually trying to learn how to do it, as well.
This is a wonderful representation of just how frustrating it can be. If you read the artist’s comments, she talks about how much more there is to dyslexia than difficulty in reading.
Do any of you have favorite works of art relating to dyslexia?
Hm. I might turn this into a series. I’m sure there’s art out there relating to autism, ADHD and other types of neurology which impacts education. 

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