Homeliving with learning disabilitiesDisorganized? Me? Nooooo…why would you think that?

As many of you may already know, organization tends to be a problem with many people with dyslexia and other LDs. To accommodate that problem, we need to figure out how we think and the best way to organize our surroundings.

In fact, I’ve written a little bit about how I figured my system out and tips about how to come up with one of your own. I’ll provide links at the end of the entry.

Anyway, despite how much I try to stay organized, sometimes I still slip up, and the results are usually pretty entertaining.

The most recent involves a backpack I carry when running errands. When I run errands, I quite literally run errands, due to a combination of having only one reliable car and my extreme dislike of driving. Since we live in an area where all the stores we need are either within a 5 mile radius of our home or on the bus line, there’s no need for much driving on my part.

Once everything is put away, I’ve gotten in the habit of leaving the bag on our kitchen table and wandering off to do something else. There it stays, unless I move it for whatever reason.

Well, a month ago, I had decided to move it.


I went through closets. I searched the living room, the kitchen, our bedroom and even checked the basement. I just couldn’t find the thing.

Enter Tuesday.

Once again, I was going through the closet in my office, while muttering “Where IS that thing?” under my breath. I had to make a grocery run, and I didn’t feel like dealing with the uneven weight of the messenger bag I had been using. Frustrated, I put everything back in the closet, turned around, and there it was.

It was just over two feet away from my desk this whole time. Well within reach of the chair I sit in every day when working on the computer.

Look, I even took a picture.


I’m sure we all have problems like this from time to time, neurodiverse or not, but after working so hard to get my disorganization down to a manageable level, this kind of thing is extra frustrating.

However, it is also pretty funny, so I choose to laugh at myself after an initial irritated outburst.

By the way, here are those links I mentioned at the beginning of the entry:

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