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A friend of mine recently posted something about dyspraxia, which got me thinking about it.

Dyspraxia has to do with motor skills, especially fine motor skills, and it’s pretty common in the LD community.

I’ve often wondered if it’s something that I have. When I was evaluated way back when I was a child, I was diagnosed with a “gate-balance problem” along with dyslexia and a poor short term memory. We were never fully informed as to what this gate-balance thing was, and it ended up going un-addressed.

As far as I know, I walk pretty well. I can make turns. I can usually go in straight lines.

My balance isn’t that great, though, so there’s that. And I hated PE with a passion. And I’m still terrible with sports.

Ok, maybe there’s something to it.

Anyway, I decided to see what videos youtube had to get me started on a bit of research.

I rather like this overview. NCLD has a very good series on youtube. I also remember having a lot of these symptoms in school, too. I still have problems navigating through crowded areas, and usually have some rather impressive bruises from smacking myself into table corners.

This story’s about how the Nintendo Wii shows signs of helping kids get the therapy they need to minimize their dyspraxia symptoms. It makes a lot of sense, since the games are fun and it probably doesn’t feel like they’re in therapy.

I’ve always thought the Wii concept is pretty cool in general. It reminds me of those sci-fi movies where people control their computers through gestures instead of hitting buttons.

I could do without the sad music, but this is an interesting peek into the lives of two boys who have severe, global dyspraxia. It’s good to see that they are getting therapy to help them attain the skills they need.

I’ll probably be doing some more reading about it as time goes on.

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