HomedyslexiaNumbers and Customer Service
Why me?

Although I’ve gotten rather proficient with reading and writing, anything to do with math is still a
complete nightmare for me.

When I follow a knitting or crochet pattern, I always need a pencil and paper close by to help me keep track of where I am in the instructions or how many rows I’ve already finished. When I need to leave a tip, I either leave the calculations up to someone else or use a calculator.

I’m notorious for relying on my little phone book in my phone for contacts, instead of trying to memorize phone numbers.

Sometimes, though, I can’t avoid them.

Earlier this week, I ran into that problem.

Usually when I have to take care of something involving utilities or services, I just try to do it online. When I logged on, I found out that this particular issue required a phone call.

Worse yet, the page on which the number was listed had about 10 different categories for similar problems.

All of the numbers were all listed in one column.

So, with a heavy sigh, I gave it a try. It only took two tries before I got the number right!

Of course, it’s an automated system.

“Press 1 for information on your account.
 Press 2 to change the information on your account.
 Press 3 to be connected to a random home Timbuktu.
 Press 4 to learn about the reproductive habits of the common bed bug.
 Press 0 to talk to an operator.
 Please be aware your call will be recorded for quality assurance purposes.”

Ok, so 3 and 4 may be made up, but the example is about as useful as the original options.

One of the most frustrating things about short term memory problems is that your short term memory has problems.

By the time the polite robot-lady got to the last sentence, I couldn’t remember what 3 and 4 were.

I waited for it to be automatically repeated.

And waited.

And waited some more.

So, it wouldn’t be automatically repeated. At least calling the line again only took one try this time.

I gave it another try, hit zero, and…was told to enter the account number by key pad.

Hey, sure, no problem.

Oh. Wait. That’s a long line of numbers. Two more tries (and phone calls) later, I get an actual flesh and blood person on the line!


This part should be easy!


Time to shine!

I calmly told the oddly monotone person about what I needed and was kindly informed that since it was for my husband, he had to take care of it personally.

That’s just great.


Numbers and Customer Service — 2 Comments

  1. This blog made me laugh because I'm glad to know I'm not the only "idiot" that can't keep up with those long-winded lists or type in my account number without transposing numbers. I have discovered however that nine times out of ten yelling at the computer gets you transferred to a real person. Oh yeah, I'm also dyslexic and I do NOT knit. I prefer embroidering where I just follow the line. Counted cross stitch is as confusing as knitting.

  2. Glad I'm not alone in that! Much as I love my husband, he doesn't get it at all. He either laughs at me or makes irritating little comments about my difficulties with numbers, since he's a pro with them. Ugh.

    Yeah, there are days I wonder why I took knitting up. Some projects aren't too bad, though, and I find the repetition soothing. Embroidering is certainly something I'm planning on trying more of, though. It seems very rewarding.

    I'm not really a fan of cross stitch, either. For some reason, I couldn't get the hang of it, unlike knitting and crochet.

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