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Thanks to a tendinitis flare this week and more dyslexia issues than usual, I’ve been using my speech-to-text program, Dragon.
I got way too much amusement out of this correction.

Even though I’ve had it for a while, and it works pretty well, sometimes I still have problems with it. For instance, earlier I wrote an article about up cycling a coffee can and junk mail, How to Make a Original Gift Box with an Old and Junk Mail.

When I originally dictated the article, I must not have been feeling all that great because I didn’t edit it right away. In fact, I forgot that I had dictated it instead of just typing it out. So, when I open the document again, I hit spell check and was faced with all sorts of weirdness.
Often, when my dyslexia is giving me problems with writing, my speech is affected. Naturally, Dragon picked that up and I didn’t realize at the time.
Hence the error, “I is the Folgers coffee can.” Since I had grammar check on, Microsoft Word tried replacing “is” with “am”.
So, I am the Folgers coffee can.
It sounds pretty profound, doesn’t it?
If you think about the fact that everything in the world is basically recycled energy and matter, I suppose that’s true. However, I would never have thought to seek unity with an old coffee can.
Then again, I did brew and drink all of the ground coffee that came in that can, but wouldn’t that mean I’m at one with the actual coffee instead?
I don’t know. I’m not entirely sure why I’m giving so much thought to a coffee can in the first place.
Maybe it’s a sign that I need more coffee.
Well, while I’m brewing more, may you achieve oneness with the coffee cans in your life, unless you don’t drink coffee. In that case, may you achieve oneness with the containers of your preferred beverages in your life.

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