HomedyslexiaKnitting and Dyslexia Don’t Always Go Together

As I’ve mentioned before, I do all sorts of other crafts in addition to writing. Two of my favorites are knitting and crocheting.

Every year, I make the majority of the gifts I give to people. This year, I’ve been working on them since the beginning of October, so I can have more time to work on stocking my online shop and build up some inventory for craft shows.

Anyway, yesterday, I was trying to finish up a slipper sock to free up my double point needles for tomorrow’s Endure4Kindness event that I’m trying to raise money for. I sat down, thought I had reoriented myself with what was going on, and started knitting.

Suddenly, I realized something wasn’t quite right.

It’s…not supposed to look like that.

For those who don’t know, there are two basic types of stitches in knitting – the knit stitch and the purl stitch. Knit stitches are “V” shaped, like the ones towards the bottom of the above picture. Purl stitches are the bumpy ones, like the ones by the needles in the picture.

In addition to that hole in the fabric, I’d somehow managed to randomly start purling instead of knitting without realizing it. I’d also switched directions, which is part of where that hole came from.

Not only had my left-right problems screwed me up, but so did my issues with reversals. When making a knit stitch, you put the needle you’re knitting on to behind the one with the existing stitches. It’s just reversed when you purl.

THAT’S where I started purling, at least. You can also see how the stitches where I’d started knitting in reverse look different from the others.

So, of course, I ended up going back and undoing a bunch of work.

When I take a break, I always complete whatever round or row I was working on. I seriously have no idea how I managed to screw up that badly.

In the end, I discovered that I did made three mistakes without even realizing it –

  • Dropped no fewer than two stitches
  • Started knitting counterclockwise when I had been knitting clockwise
  • Randomly started purling instead of knitting

How does someone do that?

Fortunately, I was able to fix the problems after much backtracking and finished the slippers.

Granted, they’re bigger than I had intended, but at least they’re functional.

 Oy. All that hassle for cozy footwear.

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