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Earlier this week, I finally got to pick up The House of Hades, by Rick Riordan up from the library. I’ve turned into a big fan of his, and although that book is part of the Heroes of Olympus series, in which many of the characters have dyslexia and/or ADHD, that doesn’t stop my dyslexia from kicking in.

I was reading it as I had my morning coffee, when I came across the line, “‘The poison connects you to the world of the dead, lets you pass into the lower levels. The secret to surviving is’ – his eyes twinkled – ‘barely.‘”

I stopped.

I stared into the murky darkness of my precious caffeinated elixir of wakefulness, and asked myself, “Since when is barely a noun?”

I mean, I can understand barely surviving poison, or barely tolerating the taste, but how is that the secret to survival?

Then I realized that the guy who said the line had quite a lot to do with farming.

Yeah, my brain had stricken again. There must be too much blood in my caffeine stream.

Sure enough, when I read it again, the word was barley.

Once more, I stopped reading, thanks to the thought, “Barely Barley. Is that anything like Suddenly Salad?”

Has my dyslexia come up with the next Big Thing in groceries?

Don’t like the taste of barley but want the health benefits? Try Barely Barley! All of the fiber with none of the flavor!

Maybe I should get cracking on that.

(Cracking. Hah! Get it? ‘Cause you cook with cracked barley? I’m so clever.)

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