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Today, I figured I’d share some videos about ADHD from youtube.

Interesting stuff. I’ve yet to do a whole lot of research into ADHD, but this video did have some good information.

That and I like brains.

Brains are neat.

As a side note, I always crack up when animators use electric arches to illustrate a brain at work. I always get the mental image of someone bent over their work with light flashing out of their ears.

This guy has the type of attitude I can get behind. Of the folks I know with ADHD, I’ve noticed that they tend to hyperfocus on things, too.

The big picture thinking and desire for a wide range of info is also shared with dyslexics. I was another who loved trying as many classes as I could, too.

This is a mini-documentary about a young man getting his diagnosis of ADHD, and how he got to that point.

A question for those readers who have been or had their children tested for ADHD, were similar test methods involved in your experiences?

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