HomecookingPeanut butter and…mustard?

When it comes to preparing food, I prefer to keep it short and simple. I’m not very good at following recipes, since I lose my place so easily, and I’m not patient enough to spend much time in the kitchen.

So, the most complex thing I make for lunch is usually just the good ol’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Of course, issues have arisen with making those, too. I have the feeling they’re related to my dyslexia, but who knows? It could be something else.

For instance, I’d somehow managed to shoot the peanut butter lid across the kitchen by accident earlier this week. The cats got a kick out of batting it around before I got it back, but nothing beats the occasional inability to grab the right condiment from the fridge.

We tend to keep all of our condiments in the door, since it’s just easier that way. One day, I was particularly inattentive.

I succeeded in getting the bread out, and the jar of peanut butter, but when I went to the fridge, I grabbed what I thought was the jelly jar, turned around and found a bottle of catchup in my hand.

The color was close, but everything else about it was wrong.

I tried again. I thought I’d taken the right jar, so I just went over to the counter, opened it and slathered creamy yellow onto the bread.

Hang on. Yellow? That’s not right.


I grabbed the mustard without realizing it.

That mustard jar was way too close in shape and weight to the jelly jar.


Ok, let’s try this again.

Third time was the charm. I got the jelly.

Since I hate wasting food, I scraped as much of the mustard off the bread as I could and replaced it with sweet strawberry goodness.

A word of advice – never add mustard to your PB&J sandwiches. Not a good combo at all.

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