HomememoryFunny Moments With Poor Word Recall – Pajamas?

So, I’ve decided to try posting at least one amusing neurodiversity moment from my life every week or so. The subject matter of this blog can get pretty difficult to handle sometimes, and although dyslexia and other differences can be hard to handle, they can be pretty entertaining, too.

There’s a time to be serious and a time to goof around after all, right?

Well, part of the problem with my auditory sensitivity and dyslexia is a predisposition towards migraines when I’m stuck in the wrong sort of environment for too long. The year before I left my last job, I was getting them pretty consistently.

If I’m exhausted at the end of a good day, I have problems with word recall. However, if I’m recovering from a migraine, exhausted and burned out, figuring out the right word can be downright impossible.

One day after returning home, I’d wandered into our bedroom to change my clothing. I was pretty dazed from a combination of exhaustion, lingering effects of the last migraine and general burnout, so my word recall was far worse than usual.

My husband, who happened to be in our living room at the time, hollered, “What’re you doing in there?”

I stared at the pajama bottoms in my hands. Then I looked up at the wall. Then I looked back at the pants. “Um…” What were they called again? It started with a ‘p’, right? “Putting on my padidamas?”

There was silence from the other room, before I heard the couch creak as he got up. Shortly, he appeared in the bedroom doorway wearing the most amused grin I’d seen in a while. “Your what?”

“My padidamas?”

Finally, he cracked up. “You mean your pajamas?”

It took me a minute to compute what had just happened, but when it finally clicked, I laughed, too. “Yeah, those.”

To this day, we no longer use the word ‘pajamas’ in our household. The comfortable clothing we wear to bed is now known as padidamas.

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