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So, I finally decided to sit down and mess around in photoshop, and this is the first result. I don’t think it turned out too terribly, though I may end up remaking it in the future. (I may end up using the Dyslexi font, if I can figure out how to import it into my graphics program, and tweaking the colors a bit.)

The idea was to use the word DYSLEXIA to highlight some of the characteristics that seem to be rather common in dyslexic individuals. As I do more research and the like, I plan on doing similar things for autism, ADHD, SPD and other neurological makeups.

There will also be relevant quotes thrown in here and there, too. I’m a sucker for wise words.

Feel free to pass it around, but I’d appreciate if you left the blog address in there.

I’ve also started a Zazzle shop for products to put these creations on. You can find it here. The page thingamajigger said that it may take up to 24 hours for the products to show up, so please check again later, if there’s nothing there yet. Thus far, there should be a couple of keychains and a mug with this graphic on them.

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