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I don’t always rely on my speech to text software, though it is really nice. For some reason just typing seems easier than talking for me.

Hey, I figured out how to make animated gifs!This is one
strange cat. Most of the time, he’ll fall asleep when we
hold him like this.

However, when I do use it, things tend to speed up.
This week, not so much.
Our little tux kitty decided that he wanted attention as I was trying to get some work done. So, I picked him up and cradled him, plugged in my mic and headphones then booted up Dragon.
The problem was, whenever I turned my head, he would bat at the microphone. It was cute, but it didn’t make dictating very easy. It didn’t help that as I talked, no words would show up on the screen.
I tried getting video of the cat and narrated that was going on. When I played the video back, there was nothing but muffled sounds.
Eventually, the cat decided he was tired of listening to me yammer on about stuff and jumped down.
“Okay,” I thought to myself. “Now I can try getting some work done.”
Once again I tried dictating what I was trying to write.
This is how they SHOULD look. Honestly, shouldn’t the
headphone plug be above the mic one?

It. Was. Still. Not. Working.

After checking my settings, closing and restarting the program, making sure my sound was still functional and maybe calling the computer a few unsavory names, I decided to look at the plug.
This headphone and mic set has a split plug the goes in double port on the side of my laptop. One hole is for the microphone and one hole is for the headset.
My dyslexia still makes telling left from right difficult for me, so it follows that it also makes discerning the order of things harder, too.
At this point, you can probably guess what happened. I had the plugs reversed.
You’d think that at this point I would think to check that first.
Strangely enough, once I got the two plugs in the right order, things went smoothly.
Weird, huh?

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