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(Before you read on – please realize that I’m not interested in any sort of debate about politics or the philosophy behind the recent decisions made. There is a time and place for those conversations, but this is not it.)

So, last week, I got a letter from my health insurance company updating me on upcoming changes coming for next year, thanks to recent legislation here in the US. Of course, it warned me of a possible increase in premiums, due to increased access to various services and the fact insurance companies will no longer be able to turn people away because of pre-existing conditions. What caught my eye was the bit about mental health and substance abuse services.

Now, we pay an extra fee currently to have a percentage of mental health covered after we spend $10,000 out of pocket, but I wonder if those terms will change as of next year. To be honest, when I bought this policy, I opted for that as a safety measure in case something were to happen to trigger my husband’s old issues again, or if something traumatic enough to prompt me to get some help.

I didn’t realize at the time I purchased it that reassessment of learning disabilities would be covered under that section. Since we’re both pretty healthy, outside of my mild asthma and his occasional (usually work related, so we don’t pay for that anyway) injury, I had the feeling we wouldn’t meet that out of pocket limit within a year. Since I don’t view my reassessment as an emergency, I’ve decided to delay it until either we’re both bringing in a little more money, I can get a better policy or I could find a way to get some sort of assistance from a third party.

I wonder if 2014 will bring me an opportunity to get my reassessment, and maybe a way to make my life a wee bit easier.

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