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 I’m a big fan of the TEDx programs, and since I’m having some issues with my dyslexia today, I figured I’d share some of the videos which ring a bell for me and may do the same for you.

It may seem a little strange that someone who enjoys playing with words as much as I do would find language-free teaching methods as fascinating as I do, but this video explains why.

It also reminds me of my days in the martial arts. Our teacher would demonstrate each technique, often with minimal explanation, and then have us work on figuring it out with our partners. Although these days posed unique challenges, the techniques learned stuck with us far better than if they were simply explained and demonstrated for us.

This talk features a wonderful story of how this man finally accepted his own autism for what it was, how he learned how to compensate, and how he learned how to support his son, who is also autistic.

This speaker brings up how people with Autism have problems with a certain kind of empathy, but the overall message is emphasizing how important the use of empathy is in our relationships with others on both personal and international levels. It reminds me a lot of the entry I wrote about empathy and bullying a while ago.

I’m a big fan of the Eids. As stated in the video, they wrote The Dyslexic Advantage.

What I really like about this video in particular, is how well they explain the creative (crow) vs automatic (turkey) skills and how schools/society tend to emphasize the importance of automatic skills. At the end, they also demonstrate how important it is to realize that there are more occupations out there than what many schools groom their students for.

There are quite a few other fantastic TEDx and TEDTalks videos out there, too. If you’d like to see more, they’re all on youtube. Just search for TEDx or TEDTalks followed by whatever topic you’re interested in.

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