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Raising a Sensory Smart Child was written by the mom of a child with sensory processing issues, Nancy Peske, and an occupational therapist with extensive experience in working with kids with these problems, Lindsey Biel.

It started out with each woman’s stories, went into what the seven types of senses are and how to tell if your child may be having integration issues. The majority of the book talked about how to help a child through tough situations, how to help with therapy and other practical things, like how to find an occupational therapist and advocate at school. In the back, they provided pictures of helpful products, too.

One of the things I especially liked about the book is that it didn’t concentrate exclusively on young children. It addressed the problems teens with SPD may have, and gave suggestions on how to help them with that. There was also mention of how adults can lessen their symptoms.

Another great thing they did was provide lots of resources for more information. Since the copy I read was a library book, I ended up writing titles, authors and web sites down on a separate pad of paper as I went.

The authors’ writing styles were very easy to read, and it wasn’t very lingo intensive, which can be a problem in some publications.

For more information about the book, more resources and updates, check out their web page, SensorySmarts.

The only problem I had with the book was the format and font size. The margins were very narrow and the font too small, so my dyslexia made it extremely tiring to get through. If you also have dyslexia or problems with small font, I’d suggest going with the e-book format instead.

There was a lot in the book that I remember experiencing as a child and issues that I’ve just been dealing with, because I thought they were ‘normal’. This is a fantastic book to read even if you don’t have children, but suspect you may have sensory processing issues of your own.

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