There comes a time in every blog’s life where announcements need to be made.

Or not.

Well, I had to start this entry somehow.

There’s nothing exactly earth shattering going on, but there are two things I’d like to point out:

First, I’ve decided to start recording each blog entry in an attempt to make absorbing them a little easier for my audience. I realize that some folks prefer to listen to written works instead of reading them for various reasons, so hopefully this step will help them out.

Bear in mind, though, I’m also dyslexic, and regardless of how many times I read a piece, I’ll still screw up at least once or twice. Until I can either figure out how to edit audio or get much better at reading aloud, I’m afraid there will still be a few stutters or strange pronunciations. Believe me, it’s not for lack of trying. I usually read entries out loud a few times before uploading the best one.

Currently, I’m using Sound Cloud, but I may find a different player. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Secondly, I’m planning on flexing what few artistic muscles I have and put together some of those memes you see floating around the Internet. I might put some on merchandise in a Cafe Press store or something, too.

The reasoning behind that is because there needs to be some more ways of building awareness of the more positive aspects of the wide range of neurology we each have. No one’s is better or worse, just different. Although there is some good text based art things out there now, it still seems as if they’re outnumbered by bad jokes and things like that.

Once I do get a shop up and running, I’ll post new items on Facebook, and see if I can install a widget of some sort somewhere on this blog. That’ll depend on, y’know, if the shop offers that sort of thing and whatnot.

So, keep an eye out, and enjoy your weekends!

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