HomeactivistLet’s Get a National Conversation About Dyslexia Going!

So, I’ve been following this great group for a while on various social networks, DyslexicKids, and the young man who runs it, Scott, has the opportunity to reach an even wider audience through the Peace First program. If he wins, Peace First will post about dyslexia and Dyslexic kids on USA Characters Unite, which will go a long way to starting a national conversation about dyslexia in the US.

The topic of dyslexia in particular and education in general is terribly underadressed and misunderstood in this country, but through raising awareness, that can change. No one should suffer because of their neurology, especially when the obstacles can be removed through changes in teaching methods.

Best of all you can all help, and you can do it through doing something as simple as liking and sharing this post on the Peace First web page.

Good luck, Scott! Keep up the great work!

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