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In light of the horrid letter sent to a mother of an autistic teen, I thought I’d feature an successful adult with a developmental disorder this week.

Due to a head injury when he was a toddler, he can’t read or write, and unless you already know him well, verbal communication is a huge challenge, too. Despite the struggles he and his family faced because of his developmental disorder, Alonzo was able to master the art of sculpting animals through a natural fascination with the medium. Because of his ability to look at a two dimensional image or only catching a glimpse of the animal and create a realistic 3D sculpture, he’s also considered a savant.

Today, he’s a participant in the Special Olympics, inspires children to pursue their passions through demonstrating his skill at local schools, works part time and lives in his own apartment in California, with limited support.

For a peek at his work, updates on what he’s doing and more information, check out his web page here.

This gent is living proof that despite what ignorant people like whoever wrote that terrible letter think, all children have value and can grow into adults who contribute beautifully to society. They all deserve the chance to develop their strengths, while teaching those of us who already have a few decades on them a thing or two about the beauty of life.

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