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Although dyslexia tends to make writing a little harder than usual for me, I still enjoy doing it. I also strive to improve my skills with each passing day. There have been quite a few writers who have

Regardless of who you are or what you’re
doing, taking a breather is a good idea.
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front publicity release) [Public domain], via
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given the advice to write every day.

It doesn’t matter how much you write or what it is you write, so long as you do it every single day.

For a while I tried that, but I found that my brain tends to fizzle on me, and my disabilities tend to get even worse when I don’t take at least semi-lengthy breaks every week. I’ve found that not pushing myself to write for at least a day or two, I do a better job of it.

However, I know there are other writers out there who benefit from passing on breaks, or by taking a month off here and there to recharge. It depends completely on how you think and learn.

If you’re wondering the benefits I’ve noticed from taking breaks, I’ll break them down into bullet points:

  • Fewer stress headaches and stress related colds
  • Better quality work
  • Oddly, a higher volume of work finished
  • Being able to think more creatively
  • Staying caught up with non-writing tasks, like my etsy shop, family functions and housework
  • Better interpersonal relationships, thanks to being more focused mentally and having more energy

These benefits reach further than only the life of a writer. Students and working adults also see similar advantages.

We all need breaks throughout the day, too. Unfortunately, schools don’t seem to understand this as well as workplaces do. Kids really need down time in order to move around, rest their brains and refocus. Really, a lunch break and maybe recess don’t do the trick.

There have been concerns raised about the long winter and summer breaks, though. The summer breaks actually go back to when the majority of people lived on farms, and kids needed to work the land during growing seasons. In that sense, summer breaks are a bit outdated, but I wonder if they make up for the lack of official breaks during the day.

In any case, during times which you can control your time, remember to factor short breaks in every now and then during work marathons. You’ll feel better and your work will be of better quality.

As for me? I’m off to wander the woods for a while. Have a great weekend, all!

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