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Strangely enough, since starting this blog, I’ve been learning about more and more dyslexic writers. My “to-read” list has exploded, and now there are titles fluttering all over the place, and the cats are having a great time batting them around.

Sally Garder’s book, Maggot Moon, is currently fluttering around in my list of requests with the local library.

For those who may not have heard of her, Sally Gardner is a multi-award winning author whose books have been translated into 22 different languages. One of them has been incarnated into an e-book version in which the words move in much the same way that a dyslexic sees them.

Part of what makes Sally so remarkable is just how severe her dyslexia was. There was a point in her early education during which she was finally brushed off as being “unteachable”, and the adults in her life gave up on her. However, when she was 14, she decided to figure out how to do so on her own. It was from that point on that her educational experience accelerated from there.

After graduating, she took advantage of her creative nature by designing sets for a theater, but found that her dyslexia got in the way of that, too. Instead of giving up, she simply shifted her expertise to costume design, and from there eased her way into writing.

I highly suggest checking out her web page for more information, and some extremely wise words about how dyslexia is more of a gift than a curse.

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