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If you have kids, enjoy anime, play video games or spend much time in the toy isle, odds are that you’ve heard of Pokemon. The creator of these characters, Satoshi Tajiri, is on the highly functioning end of the autism scale.

As a child in Tokyo, he collected insects, and the intense focus his autism gave him on this hobby earned him the nickname “Dr. Bug” from the other kids in his neighborhood. In his teens, he discovered video games, and his focus shifted in that direction.

Growing into adulthood, he noticed that as the cityscape grew, the hunting grounds for insects dwindled. In order to share his love for insect hunting, he created characters based off of the bugs and a game involving collecting them all. Hence, Pokemon was born!

The gift of ongoing focus on his passions that his autism granted helped him create a worldwide phenomenon, and in many ways, immortalized him. One way is embodied by the character, Ash Ketchum, in the anime, who’s based off of Satoshi.

There’s even a Pokemon themed commuter train in Japan! I’m not personally a fan of the franchise, but it’s amazing how popular something born of a quiet boy’s fascination with bugs and games has become.

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