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Recently, I spoke with a relative who happened to be a teacher, and she made a comment that speech therapists were pretty useless in helping kids learn how to communicate. From what I understand, Speech Pathologist and Speech Therapists are basically the same thing, save, perhaps, for a difference in educational levels.

I wonder how much truth there was in that statement. I only have my brother to look at and the research I’ve done for this blog. My little brother had been born with a fully cleft lip and palate. For a while, we learned sign language because the doctors said he’d never speak.

He’s a great communicator, but I don’t know if my parents had taken him to a speech therapist for extra education. I tend to think he was, but, again, it’s just not something we talked about. I was just a child struggling with a combination of difficult family dynamics, bullying and my own learning disabilities at the time. I should ask sometime.

However, it makes me wonder how effective many specialists parents are advised to take their kids to are.

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