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This weekend, I had the privalege of reading Philip Schultz’s book, My Dyslexia. Although I’m not big on poetry, his is a name I had seen thrown around from time to time. Once I read up on him, I realized why he was so familiar. Mr. Schultz is a widely published poet, and a Pultizer Prize winner.

He grew up in the 1950s, an era of time which dyslexia wasn’t widely known. Throughout school, he was placed in the “dummy class”, which was where kids who were “slow” or had something else “wrong” with them were put to get out of the way of their peers. His stories about how he was overlooked and shoved aside resonated powerfully with me, thanks to similar experiences in my first elementary school.

With the support of his family, he learned to take those feelings of anxious isolation that the majority of dyslexics feel at one time or another, and funnel them into his writing. His struggles granted him the drive he needed to succeed despite the fact so many people had expected him to fail.

For those who love poetry, his work is worth checking out, and I also highly suggest his book. It’s only 120 pages. The copy from the library a bigger font than most books and the lines were very nicely spaced, so it’s pretty dyslexia/vision friendly. It helped me feel a little less alone in my personal struggles, at least.

This book is very much worth a read. I enjoyed it greatly.

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