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I’m experimenting with shuffling a few things around, so the inspirational people posts have been moved to Tuesdays. Technically, it’s Wednesday now, since it’s after midnight, but let’s just ignore that fact. It was a rough day.

Peter Conrad getting one of the most unique dental exams
I’ve ever seen.
By NASA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Anyway, I read somewhere that NASA actively seeks out dyslexic individuals because of their
natural affinity for spacial (punny!) thought and out of the box ideas. I don’t know how true that is, but I found at least one astronaut with dyslexia.

Peter Conrad was the third person to walk on the moon, yet when he was in school during the 1940s, he was thought to be a poor student due to his difficulty in History and English. Back then, dyslexia was relatively unknown, and he was forced to find his own unique way of dealing with the negative effects.

His difficulties were compounded when his family gradually lost financial stability, thanks to the stock market crash immediately preceding the Great Depression of the 1930s. Peter had a rebellious bent to his personality, but in what could be seen as a blessing in disguise, the need to work when not in school granted him a passion to fixate that energy on. During that time, he worked at a local airfield, and the occupation of flying captured his interest.

As he learned the skill, he made a career out of it, eventually raising to literal heights that few others in the world would see with their own eyes and earning himself a place in history. Determination, curiosity and passion offset what many others thought of him early in his life and gave him a direction in which to steer his life.

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