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If you enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lord of the Rings and Man in the Iron Mask as much as I did, you’ll definitely know who Orlando Bloom is. Odds are, even if you didn’t like those movies, you would still know who he is.

Orlando is an award winning actor who’s never been afraid to talk about his dyslexia. He was diagnosed young, at the age of 7, so he’s had the advantage of knowing at least a little about why he struggled so hard. Although he knew about it from childhood, he still worked exceptionally hard to get to where he is today.

His mental resiliency is rivalled by his physical endurance. A rugby player and skier, he’s broken several bones over the years, including his back and his skull. He also broke several ribs when Lord of the Rings was being filmed.

Bloom is active in the charity world, having worked with UNICEF as an ambassador in the past and several environmental organizations. He has also spoken with students about dyslexia and how they can achieve their dreams with hard work, just as we all can.

I highly suggest checking out the rest of the interview videos posted by the Child Mind Institute that he’s in. He shares some great advice and experiences that may resonate with many people.

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