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So, before we delve into this week’s inspirational person, I thought I’d share something slightly odd about the tumblr tags.

Ah, should I be worried?

Yes, I realize that last tag has to do with that old joke about dyslexic kids writing letters to “Satan” instead of “Santa”. At least, I hope that’s the case.

If it’s not, then, well. I guess we SHOULD be worried.

Anyway, while we’re on the topic of amusing things, let’s talk about Eddie Izzard. For those who may not have heard of him, he’s a British comic who’s been in quite a few films, including Oceans Eleven, Oceans Thirteen and the voice of the cute, feisty swashbuckler mouse in Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

He’s pushed gender  norms through his choice of wardrobe in the past, and his comedy isn’t scripted. If you’ve ever watched him, he’s remarkably stream of consciousness, and it truly feels like he’s up there telling a story rather than reciting a script of some sort. Personally, I think that’s some of the best humor.

That lack of a script comes from the difficulties he faces in being dyslexic, but his creativity and comfort with himself stems from that very same neurology and how he’s handled it throughout his life. In fact, the topic has made an appearance in some of his work.

Oh yes, I can believe Scrabble was invented to irritate dyslexic kids. It still irritates me, and I’m an adult!


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