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So, I ended up taking an unintentional break last week. Between a very irritating asthma flair, some sensory overload problems, lack of sleep and general burn out, I ended up staying pretty far away from the computer for a while. I hope this week will be different.

Octavia Butler at a book signing.
By Nikolas Coukouma
via Wikimedia Commons

Anyway, this week’s Inspirational Person is Octavia Estelle Butler. She was born in 1947, and her dad had died when she was still a baby, so she was raised by her mom and grandmother during a time where single women struggled not only with the logistics of working low-wage jobs, but the increased social pressures to have a ‘traditional family’.

By nature, she had a shy, introspective nature which allowed her to step back and observe the world around her. During a childhood punctuated with the chaos of the time, she was diagnosed with dyslexia. However, she made it through the obstacles thrown at her, and became the first science fiction writer to win the MacArthur Fellowship, one of the highest writing awards out there.

Part of the reason she turned to writing stories was to escape the loneliness of being an only child. Although my family situation is different, I feel a strong connection to her in that regard. Sometimes weaving stories is the only way you can deal with everything that’s pressuring you in life.
She was an incredibly intelligent lady, too. The below interview illustrated that, and there are quite a few other great videos on YouTube on which she shares some wonderful wisdom.

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