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Ann Bancroft has accomplished quite a few impressive feats over her lifetime.

  • In 1986, she was the first woman to get to the North Pole via dog sled and on foot
  • She’s the first woman to cross both polar ice caps, Antarctica and Greenland
  • She had attempted to trek across the Arctic Ocean with a partner, but the trip was called off when her partner got frostbite, and their gear began to malfunction due to the cold

In addition to these endeavors, she has also work the hat of teacher, author and activist. Among the causes she has championed are learning disabilities, women’s health and LGBTQ rights.

She is also dyslexic. Although the learning disability made it difficult to get through school, it had also helped her gain the strength she needed to follow her dreams. Today, she strives to inspire audiences to reach for their goals through hard work, regardless of what they may be.

The below video shows an example of how she helps girls and women to achieve their goals through her foundation.

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