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Often, small things are more impressive than big things. Microchips, micro-robots and DNA are only a few examples of small things that make a big impact on the world today.

When an artist creates incredibly tiny sculptures, it has even more of an impact.

Willard Wigan has the amazing skill to make statues small enough to fit on the head of a pin or the eye of a needle. His expression of creativity started when he was a child, suffering from degradation from his teachers and other students, due to his inability to read. He found out later in life that he had dyslexia.

His art is how he expressed himself. He concentrated on making it so small because he figured if people couldn’t see what he made, they couldn’t criticize him unfairly because of it. I doubt the little boy struggling to get by knew his work was going to be so highly regarded in adulthood.

Mr. Wigan is a great example of what can happen when you concentrate on what you’re good at and continue your creative expression past childhood.

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