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Since I’m really struggling with light sensitivity, combined with a less than fun ear ache today, I figured I’d see if there were any doctors with learning disabilities waiting to be featured.

Sure enough, I’ve stumbled upon the name Fred Epstein. Despite the fact that he couldn’t read by the second grade, struggled through the standardized testing needed to accomplish his goals and was told he’d never go to medical school, he grew to become a pioneer in the field of pediatric neurology.

He was one of the first to use lasers and ultrasound to successfully remedy otherwise inoperable brain tumors in children. In total, he did over 2,500 operations.

If he had not persisted in following his dreams, who knows how many children would have lost their lives and what other medical progress stemming from his endeavors wouldn’t exist?

A word of advice – fast forward the below video to 1:03 to skip the lengthy intro.

Dr. Epstein’s highly recommended book.


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