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Dean Kamen on a Segway.
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Remember when George W. Bush fell off that segway?

As funny as that was to see, the invention is pretty impressive. It only has two large wheels, a steering mechanism and works with the rider’s body weight to get around. It may be rather funny looking, but it’s still a revolutionary design. It’s also popularly used in tours, because it takes up little space and is so easy to use.

The inventor of this device, Dean Kamen, is dyslexic. As such, he tends to prefer old text books to novels, since he’s better with numbers than with letters.

This isn’t the only invention he’s come up with. In 2008, he was working on a fully electric engine for automobiles, and he’s well known in the medical supply world for his creations.

These inventions have helped and will help quite a few disabled individuals. Among the creations are:

  • “Luke Arm”. It was inspired by the Star Wars movies, and is a robotic prosthetic, originally designed to help injured veterans.
  • iBot Wheelchair. Again, geared towards disabled vets, this chair can navigate stairs, be operated by remote control and can lift the occupant to a height of six feet, while they remain seated.
  • Insulin pump. This device is easily usable and portable, granting many diabetics better mobility while offering the security of having their medication easily accessible.

These aren’t the only inventions he’s created. Dean holds over 100 patents with the US government and operates his own company and a foundation, FIRST, which encourages interest in science and technology.

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