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I came across this article, which was posted on the tumblr run by Dyslexic Kids, and I felt the need to share.

My Little Story
My second grade teacher, Mrs. Keeny, was an extremely kind hearted, loving individual, who taught because she loved the job and working with kids.

That was an extremely tough year for me. My family situation was pretty terrible, school-yard bullying was in full swing, and continued to be that way for the next seven years.

Needless to say, I wasn’t a very happy kid.

One day after class, she took me aside. I couldn’t look at her, since I was sure I was in for another lecture about trying harder or how poor my grades were.

Instead, she hugged me, and said, “When you smile, it lights up the room. Don’t be afraid to smile when you need to. You deserve to be happy.”

Oddly, that small encounter helped me struggle through those years of loneliness and pain. Sometimes, her voice still rings in my ear and I start feeling better.

Yes, a little positivity can make a huge difference.

How to Start Being More Positive
The great thing about it is that you can bring more of it into your life. This year, I vowed to record a short video every day (or almost) highlighting one thing that makes me happy. Some days, are harder than others, but it has helped me keep my mood up. If you’re interested, the play list is here.

Be warned – I can be pretty awkward.

The article I’d linked above has some great suggestions, too, like keeping a journal or writing three positive things every day for 21 days.

There was also a great idea going around the Internet before New Years. All you do is dedicate a jar and stack of paper to good things that happen to you throughout the year. That’s the other thing I’m doing this year to help us get through the tough time. I’d actually written about how I made mine on my other journal, here.

Spreading the positivity is easy, too. The next time you go out, try giving at least one person an unsolicited compliment. Everyone enjoys being appreciated, and even something as simple as “Those are beautiful earrings” or “You have a lovely voice” can help make a person’s day.

We each have gifts to give and we’re all worthy of love. Keep that in mind and spread the joy!

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