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Stephen J. Cannell created the iconic TV-shows “The A-Team” and “21 Jump Street“, along with several other great classic shows. According to the biography on his web page, at one time he was the third largest television producer in the business. He also acted, but once he got out of the TV business, he became a mystery author.

He struggled with dyslexia for his entire life. Because of this experience, he became a strong advocate for children and adults who struggled with learning disabilities.

He had made a series of videos tackling various issues dyslexics face, from childhood up through adulthood, and compiled a healthy list of tips for fellow writers. You can find links to those and more at the learning center section of his page.

Once I get a little more rest and can get caught up on my own writing (it’s still Monday SOMEWHERE, right?), I intend to delve deeper into his videos and the tips he so selflessly shared before he passed.

Yes, guilty pleasure time. Growing up, I got a kick out of the few eps I caught of Renegade, another one of Cannell’s creations.

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