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Being a bit of a documentary junky, but horrible with names, this lady’s face looked very familiar when I saw it during my research for this week’s Inspirational Person. It just dawned on me that I saw her in a documentary either about the food industry or humane animal treatment on PBS quite a while ago.

Temple Grandin is an author, PhD and expert in animal behavior. She is also autistic. According to her webpage, she didn’t speak until the age of 3 and was diagnosed as in 1950. Her parents were told that she would need to live in an institution. Back then, and I’m sure to some extent today, parents were lead to believe that autism wasn’t seen as something that could be dealt with successfully.
Fortunately, she was able to find someone who could see past the issues which come with her diagnosis and see the talents she has to offer. Her book, Emergence: Labeled Autistic helped change the way the world looked at autism.
She still advocates for the autism community, and has some very good ideas of improving the education of our children. Many of her ideas don’t apply only to the LD world, but would benefit the entire population, if they were to be put in action.
As difficult as it is to get a handle on symptoms, this amazing lady is living proof that it is possible, and we all have unique gifts to give the world.
I’ve just requested her book, The Way I See It, from my local library, and I’ll write up a review once I finish reading it. 
For now, the below video is worth watching. It’s rather long, but she’s a great speaker with lots of great info.

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