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I’m too young to have witnessed the devastating assassination of John F. Kennedy when it aired live. Although I do have the distance of years to muffle the emotion, I still don’t like watching it because I can see the horror running through his wife, and I know of how devastated so many people were when he died. 
However, I, and all the other children in my generation, before and after, have benefited from what he did while he was in office as the president of the United States of America. He was famous for the steps he took in ending racial segregation, maintaining separation of church and state, helping bring more equality to women and his role in founding the Peace Corps.
He was also instrumental in establishing federal money to public schools. This meant that people who couldn’t afford private schooling would be able to get their children the education to provide themselves a better future.
Perhaps the import he put to education and equality stemmed from his own difficulties with learning. Jack Kennedy was dyslexic. He struggled in school, and had gone to many different ones to find a good fit. This boy who no one thought would amount to anything became the president of the United States. 
Although he died too young, and did things that not everyone agreed with, he accomplished many great tasks for this country.
He’s not the only president who had a learning disability, but he’s this week’s inspirational person.
On the America he envisioned and the importance of Church staying separate from State (as it should be).
In which he addressess the importance of mental healthcare, work skill development, availability of secondary education and the budget of that era to those who couldn’t afford it otherwise.

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