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So, I’m thinking of featuring a successful individual with learning disabilities one day every week to serve as inspiration for people who are currently struggling with getting a handle on how to cope with their challenges.

Mondays are good right? We can all use a little pick-me-up on a Monday.
I’ve found that seeing other peoples’ successes has helped me immensely in the effort to make the most of my talents, as well as turning my weaknesses into strengths. Struggle may be tough, especially when you’re facing it all the time, but that effort teaches us lessons we only realize we needed well after the flashpoint has passed.
Today may be my first installment, but next week will be something a little different, courtesy of one of my writer buddies.
But let’s live in the now today, and worry about the future then, shall we?
While kicking around twitter today, I stumbled across this article about Simon Pearce.
His story is very familiar. He struggled terribly in school and didn’t get the support he needed from teachers. Although he had a hard time in traditional schooling, he found his path in the art of glass blowing. He was only diagnosed with dyslexia when his son was later on in life.
Over the years, he’s become a master glass blower, and has opened his own shop. His work is beautiful, sturdy and full of some amazing soul.
Check out this video of his philosophy about glass blowing and his techniques:
His words about the character of the glass giving it strength really rang true to me. It applies very well to each and every one of us. No one’s perfect, but those imperfections are what teach us to find our inner strength.

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