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Anyone who’s a Blues Brothers or Ghostbusters fan is very familiar with Dan Aykroyd. He’s one of my favorite comics, and my hubby and I had actually watched the movie Evolution, which has him in it, yesterday.

Today, he popped up as I was reading up on famous people with Asperger’s. He was also diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome when he was a child, as well.

Although there are medications available to treat autism spectrum disorders, it wasn’t available when he was a child. He was able to learn how to cope with both of his neurological diagnoses with the help of therapy.

Although it may be a harder path to take, Aykroyd’s success shows that it’s entirely possible.

Here’s a great NPR interview he did with NPR in 2004, in which he talks about Blues Brothers, his diagnoses and other topics.

He also has webbed toes. Granted, that has nothing to do with his neurology, but it’s still a fun factoid!

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